Europe’s disabled and we find that to be very interesting.

Although more than 80 million people live their day-to-day lives on the European continent with a form of physical impairment, there’s so much to learn about their worlds.
But we should work on this together.

Travel Europe in different, new ways through our website. You’ll discover the surprising stories of people with disabilities and their whereabouts. By watching and reading their stories you are actively engaging in the current struggle to build a more inclusive society.

Join our grand voyage, growing week by week with new content.

This website is an ongoing process in which more and more items will be featured. We are talking about short documentary films, photographs, articles and interviews.

We’re on a constant lookout for friends, so if you’d like to contribute to our work or help us spread the word, please drop us a line using the ‘Contact’ section of the website. Also, we are committed to making our content fully accessible for visitors with various physical impairments, so please send us your feedback and suggestions!

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The website started as a natural continuation of the Dutch television miniseries ‘Wheelchair Roadmovie: Over the Thresholds of Europe’, directed by Mari Sanders and originally broadcast on the national channel NPO2 in May 2019. 

 Starting from the question ‘How does Europe look through the eyes of its disabled citizens?’, Mari (a wheelchair user himself) and his crew embarked on a journey across the continent. Along the way, Mari spoke to the people who shape the disability movement today, examining how the different European countries relate to the needs and desires of this community. In so, the miniseries builds an alternative portrait of Europe, showing time and again the power of perseverance and the need for social change. 

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The team


Mari Sanders & Simona Constantin - concept & creative producers
Saskia Wielinga - executive producer
Louis Esmeijer - project manager
Miriam Neuteboom - delegated producer from the EO

Concept - Mari Sanders & Simona Constantin
Director - Mari Sanders
Assistant director - Simona Contstantin
Camera - Rieks Soepenberg
Sound - Gideon Bijlsma
Research - Simona Constantin, Saskia Wielinga
Editing - Daan Wijdeveld
Production - Natasja Spuijbroek, Guido van de Weerd, Miriam Neuteboom
Imageresearch - Janna Hoofs
Sound design - Hens Zimmerman
Grading - Noortje Muller
Commissioning editor - Saskia Wielinga

Communication - Linda van de Pol, Ilonka van Heusden-Bakker, Manager Content - Ellen Danhof, Innovation - Adriënne Simons, Alexander Pleizier, Social Media - Sanne Sturm, José Griffioen, Online - Daan Molenaar.


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