Coaching Disability Sports

Coaching Disability Sports

In London there are many strong communities that get people with disabilities into work-out. This is necessary: even if Paralympic sports are very popular in the UK, the majority of people with disabilities are still inactive. Read more below.

Paralympic Games

The United Kingdom plays an important role in the history of the Paralympic Games. In the second episode of the Wheelchair Roadmovie, Mari visits the Mandeville Stadium, the birthplace of the Paralympics Paralympische Spelen.
After the Second World War, the place was established as a rehabilitation center for the British soldiers. The neurologist Ludwig Guttmann believed and demonstrated that sport can contribute to the mental recovery and the reintegration of his patients into society. Since then, public attention for the recovery of war veterans has increased enormously. The Invictus Games Invictus Games are also part of this philosophy.

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‘Disability Sports Coach’ organization has built a successful community of professional and voluntary coaches who are specialized in initiating and guiding people with disabilities into sports. More than 6.000 coaches are part of the organisation and coach both children and adults. The coaches see the importance of their work in the fact that four out of five disabled people in the UK are inactive and the majority of them feel chronically lonely.

In this regard, Theo McCarthy tells in this article how his life changed when he was finally able to play football and how proud he is to have become a coach himself.

The disability coaches often organize events: The Summer Festival will be held at the end of July and it is the largest sporting event taking place in London, for people with disabilities.

In the second episode of the Wheelchair Roadmovie series, Mari visits a goalball training of the ‘Croysutt Warriors’ team. This sport is designed specially for people with visual impairmants and has become part of the Paralympic Games. Do you want to know how goalball is played? Click here.